Hip Hop/Urban

Hip Hop otherwise known as urban is a modern style of movement that is commonly seen in video clips. Hip Hop is an umbrella term that encompasses many forms of dance such as popping, locking, and krumping. This genre of dance is rapidly increasing in popularity where the focus is on execution and style.

Commercial Jazz

The "Commercial Jazz" genre is recognisable from its appearance in pop music videos (often seen in Beyonce clips) this style of dance is more feminine and sharp (but does not exclude males). Choreography is generally focused on creating neat lines and shapes through fast paced movement.


In this class students will progressively learn tumbling tricks like aerials, cartwheels and backflips. A large portion of the class is used to train technique through strengthening exercises. 


These classes will work through foundation dance techniques like leaps, jumps, kicks, and a variety of turns. Classes will focus heavily on conditioning exercises that improve strength and flexibility. It s highly recommended those in acrobatic classes also take a lyrical/jazz class.

Classes will be evenly divided between exercises, combinations, and routines.  Students can expect a slower more emotive/expressive style of movement in the lyrical/jazz classes.


Students partaking in Contemporary classes will discover and develop a greater understanding of music interpretation, sense of space/time, and physical movement utilising technical dance tools and structured improvisation tasks. Contemporary movement is a very holistic and comprehensive style that pulls from all genres of dance.

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