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Enrol at Momentum


-- All new students are welcome to a $10 TRIAL CLASS.


-Fees are calculated on termly basis. 


 We use an online payment system via our portal.

- Here you can enrol into classes and pay your fees. There is an autopay feature which allows Momentum to withdraw fees directly from the credit card provided saving you the hassle each term. 


- If you are struggling with fees please contact us to discuss.



- We request a $30 costume deposit in term 3, this secures your spot in the End Of Year Showcase and is nonrefundable - any additional fee will be sought in Term 4. These are usually between $30 - $60 total.

- There is a $30 production levy taken in Term 4  (per family), this gives you access to our professionally recorded (downloadable) link to each performance, along with a custom medal for each student performing. 

- Tickets to our end of year concerts cost $40 per adult and $35 per child. 


- There are no refunds for students who miss class or withdraw mid-term, however make-up classes are available.

- In the event of a teacher cancellation or COVID interruption refund/credit arrangements will be made.

Based on 10 week term

1 Hour = $170.00    ($17 per class)

2 Hours = $320.00    ($16.00 per class)

3 Hours = $450.00    ($15.00 per class) 

4 Hours = $560.00    ($14.00 per class)

5 Hours = $650.00   ($13.00 per class)

* Families with more than one student enrolled will receive an additional 10% discount of the total bill.


Click here to sign up to our online portal.

Here you will be able to enrol into classes & pay your fees!

1. Create a new account if it's your first time!

2. Fill out the required information (please use +61 for your mobile)

3. Add the student/s who will be attending the studio. 

4. Click on the classes you would like to enrol into (be sure to double check the location) and save!

4. You are now enrolled and will receive a confirmation email + a follow up text to confirm details!


 Term Dates

*Classes DO NOT run on Public Holidays 

Term 1   February 5th -  March 28th (No classes Easter weekend) = 8 Weeks

*Public holidays:  

Monday 11th of March

Friday 29th of March

Saturday 30th of March

Term 2 15th April - 28th June = 11 Weeks

*Public holidays:

Thursday 25th April

Monday 10th June

Term 3:    15th July - 20th September = 10 weeks

Term 4:    7th October - 7th December = 8 Weeks

*Public Holidays:

Tuesday 5th of November




Privates lessons are available throughout the week and can be arranged to suit your timetable.

These are charged at $85 p/h.

* This fee can be split between multiple students.

Get in touch via our "Contact" Page to book your private lesson!

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Welcome to MOMENTUM


Here you will be able to create student profiles, enrol into classes, pay your fees, download music + LOTS MORE! 

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